Destroying Self Doubt, Discovering Your True Self, & Taking Control of Your Life Forever!

By Michael A. Nitti

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“Having retired at age thirty-nine, I soon found myself asking ‘is this all there is to life?’ Fortunately, it wasn’t too long before I was introduced to Michael Nitti and discovered the secret of The Trophy Effect –and along with it, my true ‘Self.’ I was inspired to step beyond my fears and to launch what has grown into yet another successful business – and I am now teaching the Trophy Effect to my clients as well. Therefore, here’s my coaching; ‘The Trophy Effect’ is incredible. Learn it now and change your life forever!”

– Tim Taylor, Real Estate Mentor & Success Coach

Discover the Secret of The Trophy Effect & Transform Your Life Forever!

Michael; I recently purchased a copy of The Trophy Effect and would like to offer a sincere Thank you for writing such an insightful book. Having read lots of Self Help books (I believe your book to be a true “Self Realization” book), I have yet to find one that explains the machinations of the human mind in such a simple, yet profound manner. I now not only understand intellectually the massive influence of social conditioning and it’s part in limiting ones poten- tial, but I now have the practical steps to minimize this effect. After 37 years of being a perfectionist and relenting to social conditioning, I have finally been able to step out of its grasp and live My Life! I AM GOOD ENOUGH!” Thank You!

-Paul C; Tennis Coach

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“The Trophy Effect will change your life. I know, because it changed the life of someone very near and dear to me, for which I am eternally grateful. This is ground-breaking work. An incredible journey you will never forget!”

– Dr. Tony Alessandra,
Author: The Platinum Rule
Member, The Speakers Hall of Fame