Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.

– John F. Kennedy

Coaching packages, frequency, discounts, fulfillment, & terms

Private Coaching packages are available in groupings of a select quantity of sessions, which enables clients to schedule sessions as often or as infrequently as serves them (although it is recommended that sessions be conducted at least twice per month). The minimum number of sessions is 4, with additional packages offered in quantities of 6, 8, 12, or 18 sessions (the more sessions purchased and paid for in advance, the lower the cost per session). Clients who choose to re-enroll may do so for as few as 3 sessions at a time; yet it is recommended that they take advantage of Michael’s re-enrollment discounts and commit to at least six. Discounts are also extended to referrals, as well as to those whom refer new clients.

Private Coaching calls are conducted approximately every 10 days, however, many clients prefer one call per week – while others prefer one every 2 weeks. When starting out, it is recommended that the client schedule a call at least every 10 days until momentum is achieved before dropping back to twice per month, if at all. It is also recommended that clients commit to at least 6 sessions, although this depends upon the outcome(s) they are looking to achieve.

Although Michael is committed to providing each & every client with the highest quality coaching available, if you are someone who requires access to Michael on either a more personal level or on a more frequent basis (or beyond his normal 8am to 6pm Pacific working hours), please contact Michael to inquire about his “Concierge Level” services.

Typical Group Coaching Curriculum:

  1. The Nature of Human Nature –
    Learning to Overcome your Reactive Mind
  2. The Trophy Effect –
    Destroying Self-doubt / Taking Control of your Life Forever!
  3. About MEN: Living from your Authentic Masculine –
    Accessing your Mojo (not your Macho)
  4. About WOMEN: Celebrating your Feminine Light –
    Re-claiming your FULL Feminine Power
  5. “Loving on Purpose” –
    The Art of Creating Intentional & Loving Relationships
  6. Synchro-Destiny / Living “in the Flow” –
    Harnessing the power of Coincidence

To learn more about Group Coaching,
please contact Michael or use the form below.

Michael is dedicated to providing maximum value while supporting each client to achieve their outcome(s) as rapidly as possible and leaves it fully up to the client to express when and to what degree this value is being realized. Therefore, there are NO long-term contracts nor formal agreements required, as the client is free to declare at which point they have achieved their outcome(s).

A typical private coaching session lasts from 35 to 40 minutes, although first calls may last 45 to 50 minutes. Clients are expected to initiate each call at a pre-agreed-upon time (the phone number will be provided upon enrollment) and are responsible for being prompt. If the client is unable to make the call, 24 hour advance notice is both requested and required – although Michael does not charge private clients for missed calls (except retro-actively if a client should choose to leave coaching for any reason).

PRICING:  Please contact Michael directly for pricing information (see below)

Refund Policy: Although the vast majority of Michael’s clients choose to complete their packages and often re-enroll even after they’ve accomplished their initial objectives, should a private client choose to leave coaching before completing all of their sessions, then any remaining sessions will be refunded on a pro-rated basis; adjusted to the full-price/per-session cost, based on the total number of sessions that were actually provided. Also, although Michael typically forgives missed sessions for private clients (and even counts over-time sessions as a single session), any missed, pro-bono, or extended sessions will be recorded and subtracted from any refundable amount due should a private client opt out early for any reason.  Refunds will not be issued for any missed or unused Group or Subscription Coaching sessions, however, a credit may be issued for future sessions.

NOTE: There are no refunds available for Group Coaching.

99% of coaching is conducted via phone or Skype (voice only), as Michael coaches clients all over the world! For best results, it is suggested that the client call from a land line (if possible) and from a location where they may enjoy privacy and be able to take notes. For clients who live in Southern California or Nevada, or are visiting Las Vegas, and desire to be coached in person, special arrangements may be made.

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