Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success. Leadership is determining whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall…

– Stephen Covey

Michael Nitti learned about business the old-fashioned way; from the bottom – up. Although Michael has spent over 30 years in top management or executive level positions, he started out at the proverbial bottom and learned all he could as fast as he could and moved up very quickly. Since then, he has “cross-trained” himself in several different industries and has successfully managed multiple aspects of numerous businesses.

Although Michael is not an accountant, he fully understands GAAP, budgeting, and cash-flow management – as well as knowing what to do when there isn’t any!  He has worked for “moms and pops,” major corporations, and start-ups. And has managed engineering teams and written world-class procedures and policy manuals. He’s sold products door-to-door and managed both inside and outside sales teams that have generated millions of dollars.

Michael knows how businesses work from the inside, which is why he is able to see so clearly what isn’t working from the outside. When he advises business owners, leaders, or management teams, he is able to recommend viable solutions and offering meaningful advice from day one! And Michael charges only for what he brings to the table (Solutions) and not for a whole lot of time spent figuring things out.

Business Coaching

Pay for results rather than excessive evaluation!

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