The Trophy Effect

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6-Album Audio Program

Michael A. Nitti

Living On Purpose

The Audio Series

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Transform your Life Forever with this Highly-Acclaimed Program,
including a powerful “anchoring” album by Master Hypnotist, Mark Yuzuik!

Set of Six Digital Album's

Album 1: Turning Fear into Power / Overriding your Survival Mind

Album 2: You are Not your Mind; Being Intentional vs. Reactionary

Album 3: Exercises 1 & 2 – Re-framing the past, Enlarging the Future

Album 4: Exercises 3 & 4 – Break-through, Forgiveness, Gratefulness

Album 5: Anchoring Techniques with Master Hypnotist Mark Yuzuik

Album 6: The Advanced Exercises – Making your Life a Masterpiece

NOTE: This program contains exclusive content and is NOT an audio version of the book!

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Michael A. Nitti’s

The Trophy Effect

6-Album Audio Program

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Destroying Self Doubt, Discovering Your True Self, & Taking Control of Your Life Forever!

By Michael A. Nitti

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“Having retired at age thirty-nine, I soon found myself asking ‘is this all there is to life?’ Fortunately, it wasn’t too long before I was introduced to Michael Nitti and discovered the secret of The Trophy Effect –and along with it, my true ‘Self.’ I was inspired to step beyond my fears and to launch what has grown into yet another successful business – and I am now teaching the Trophy Effect to my clients as well. Therefore, here’s my coaching; ‘The Trophy Effect’ is incredible. Learn it now and change your life forever!”

– Tim Taylor, Real Estate Mentor & Success Coach