Coaching for me is an art; a dance between two people, a conversation which challenges and swirls both with visions and practicalities, but which above all communicates with the wisest parts of the soul, encouraging great choices and positive action.

– George Metcalfe

Coaching is a very personal experience and one that is often difficult to explain unless experienced firsthand. It’s rarely something anyone feels they “need,” but once a client becomes fully engaged and realizes the benefits and value afforded by the process, most wonder how they lived without it!

One of the primary benefits of coaching is an expanded sense of “freedom” and openness, which evolves from the atmosphere of honesty and trust that is present throughout the coaching process. It is this experience of trust that plays a key role in each of Michael’s coaching relationships. Most clients report having rarely felt so empowered by the freedom to share so openly nor expecting that they would be so open to critical (yet loving) feedback.

Prospective clients should be clear that working with Michael involves more than simply creating action plans, completing homework, or being held accountable (although Michael does employ this very process in many cases). His coaching is more about exploring the truth about what is underneath one’s resistance, hesitancy, concerns, or fears, which stand between the client and their outcomes.

Life and Business Coaching

It is for those that are willing to discover what may very likely be the key to achieving their dreams!

If you are having challenges with relationships, confidence, self-esteem, overcoming past failures (or similarly negative feelings) or you simply want to breakthrough any limiting beliefs that may be standing between you and your outcomes, then coaching with Michael may be right for you!

For those who are clear about what you want to achieve but may be unsure as to how coaching would support you in this regard, Michael offers a free, no-obligation evaluation phone call to support you in determining if coaching is right for you. To arrange your 15 to 20 minute call, please email your request to:  trialcall@intentionquest.com

Note:  Trial calls are scheduled following the submission of a brief summary of your outcomes and are subject to Michael’s availability.