“Michael, if you don’t say another word to me ever again, you have already earned your money in spades. Thank you for touching me so deeply, already. There is nothing worse than being so passionate about people and life on the inside and feeling so trapped and lost about expressing it on the outside. The truth is that I am a “home run-hitter” with self-imposed chains, too often on the bench. I am crying tears of gratitude and joy tonight. You couldn’t have been sent to me at a better time. You breathed life into me through the freakin’ phone today. WOW! Feels good to remember who I am.” – Michael S., San Diego, Heart Surgeon


“Michael, I’ve been on my journey and it has been a fascinating and challenging one, one which I could not have embarked upon without your help. True, we haven’t spoken for a few weeks, but I have been applying the precepts we spoke of and gradually things are improving.  I am building myself back up, holding my head higher, and gaining confidence. I am also re-wiring my responses in order to avoid anger as a go-to reaction. I am practicing patience and mindfulness, probably the hardest of all things to be consistent with. I am also becoming more focused work wise and I hope my diligence will yield positive results. So all in all, major to improvements! Thanks for being available and for being the expert in your field you are. You have helped me find a better way to live, to help me access my strength. I owe you a lot.” – Steven W., Television Actor

“Michael, where do I begin in expressing my gratitude for your countless hours of coaching? You are not only my coach, buy my role model and close friend. The distinctions I have learned from you about human behavior, masculine-feminine energies, understanding and honoring women, the power of focus, taking action, and finding my purpose in life has truly transformed me. When we first met, thought I wanted to start another real estate investment business, yet with your coaching, I have discovered that my true passion lies not with building another Real Estate company, but in mentoring and coaching others to prosper – by being a Success Coach, specializing in Real Estate. Michael, I cannot thank you enough for assisting me in discovering my True Purpose! You are truly a God-send.” – Tim T., Playa Del Carmen; Real Estate Mentor, Success Coach


“Dear Michael, I am writing this letter to explain the impact that your guidance has made on my life in the brief time I have come to know you. Not only have you intuitively and masterfully shepherded me through an extra-ordinary number of life changes in just 8 months but you have been instrumental in helping me achieve a quality of life and sense of well being that I have never known. Your extraordinary insight into the causes of limiting behavior and your easy access to effective solutions have helped me maximize the time we have spent together by allowing me to break through many more barriers than I ever though possible in the time period allotted by my selected coaching program. Far beyond simply helping me through some bad days, you have equipped me with the tools necessary to continue my own personal transformation from passive observer of my life into a passionate, intentional participant.

However, I would be short-changing you to simply extol your virtues as a teacher. I believe your true effectiveness comes from deeper within, based in the qualities that make someone an extraordinary human being. Your enthusiasm and general regard for the well being of others, your understanding of human nature and your genuine delight in the task of helping another truly sets you apart as more than a teacher or a coach, but demands loftier language like: Inspiration, Mentor, Dynamo. I thank you for helping reveal to me a better path, one that was obscured by my own limiting beliefs.  I have done things that I thought not possible and I now have an indelible template of how to live the rest of my life as if there were no tomorrow.”  – Rob F., New York City; Executive Producer


“That’s why I love you!  Profound and always on point! Thank you!  What an incredible change for the New Year!  I feel as though you are the reason I’m working here. You challenged me in a way that made a difference and in a way that resonated and helped to empower me.  Can never thank you enough my friend and coach!” – Julius G.; Chicago


“Hi Michael! I’ve attached a brief email that my company just sent out announcing my promotion to Vice President! Once again, I want say thank you!!!  With your help and wisdom I’ve been able to achieve this position, but most importantly, I’m enjoying the best relationship with my wife ever, and at the same time of this promotion!  Life is good! Michael I truly am grateful that you entered my life! Thank You! Long N.; Phoenix


“If you were any more brilliant, you’d be lighting the earth and having the planets all revolve around you. I never in a billion years would have attributed (my boyfriends) problems to commitment and/or emotional expression, but it explains everything. Thank you!!! And just in case (your sales rep) hasn’t called you yet, I just re-upped for another 6 months with you. After I read your response by email, I realized I don’t know how I’m going to get through these next perilous six months without you, so I put my (event) refund to better use. I can’t live without my Michael!!!”

  • Carole H., California; Executive Assistant


“Michael – WOW would be the word. I opened up to you and you really delivered! Sometimes things are right in front of your face and you just don’t see it. I got it intellectually but it took me feeling your intensity & insight to really understand how important forgiveness of myself was in order to open myself to love. I am sure that you figured out that I had already done a lot of work before I got into your hands, but there were some key points that needed to be brought out. I had been working on forgiveness and wanted to move on, yet you were right about the fact that I had felt bad because of “the culture” and things I was blind to. I had been able to even get so far as to be ok with my feelings and wanted to continue to have some kind of outlet for them – as that particular issue had really created friction for me and my man. He is a loving soul and he put up with more then any man should in many lifetimes, but we both needed to be able to get past what was going on with me. I learned a lot from you. There were some major puzzle pieces that were missing. Great resolution came from your coaching! I listened and went home and changed my approach as you suggested. He has responded beyond anything I could have hoped for! I most certainly needed to learn and build muscle in the area of “building my man.” We have done some great healing and this new year is going to be a great one, thanks in part to you! In fact, because of your help with getting me through the little “challenge,” we have been able to free ourselves up to get moving onto some of our dreams. I am so grateful and the best way I know how to show that, is to produce results from your insights. Thanks and Blessings!!”  – Salina M., Entrepreneur, Hawaii


“Michael; just wanted to say OH MY GOODNESS, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help the other day. I implemented what we talked about and I barely had to say anything and my son was completely different. He clearly sensed my change in energy. We have had a really good time the last couple of days, it’s been amazing! The only time he had a tantrum was when I was tired and used my “direct Theresa” voice. Other-wise, it’s been so much fun – and he’s been so helpful and the atmosphere has completely changed. I cannot thank you enough. Really, I am so grateful.”

  • Teresa V., California, Author & Mother


“Michael reached directly into my heart and awakened my ability to be me and to be real about what makes me unique. I enjoy doing my “homework” very much and have fun raising my standards all around. I have reached 3 goals and nearly 4 in only 5 sessions. One of my new goals is to give away all of the good I now feel to everyone I can. Thank you from my heart.” – Jetta N., Denmark; Administrator & Life Coach


“Michael; Just a quick note to let you know that I am on a roll and taking names! Wow, feeling pretty good and attracting everything good and leaving the rest at the door! Thanks for your help with this. I wouldn’t be here without you.” – J.C., California; Web Developer/Optimizer


“Michael; The final week in Waikiki went outstanding! We had a two day sales event and sold out mid-way through the first day. This set a world-wide record for resort real estate; selling over $700 million in one day! I really don’t know how many deals I did, as it was crazy, with one client after another. In any case, thanks for all your help, as our last two calls really served me and gave me the push and structure I needed to succeed with this event! God Bless You coach for taking me to the next level!” – Micah V., Hawaii; Trump Resort Real Estate Sales

“Michael – thanks for all the support and guidance you’ve given me this last year. It has genuinely helped me reach a new level in my thinking and results. I am very grateful.”  – Paul J., San Diego; Director, Managed Services


“Michael:  I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you! You are always a bundle of joy when I get on the phone with you!  And it was very refreshing the way you always seemed to meet me exactly where I was… whether I was laughing, crying, or….Thank you for working with and being patient with my crazy schedule! I hope I didn’t drive you too crazy! I would love to keep in touch and start working together again at the end of the summer.”

  • B., Fashion Model, Ford Agency, NYC


“Michael:  I am so grateful for the conversation we had. Your words have completely moved me and transformed me…I really got everything you said so clearly. You have such a way of explaining it. Some of the things you said I have heard before, but it was just the way you explained it that I really got it. What a beautiful gift from God you have. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I feel like I owe the new-found greatness in my life to you. I am at such a beautiful, peaceful place. I have cleared the slate and am ready to re-write my life and my identity as I really am. I can’t even express in words how excited I am about my life and how full of love I feel. And I know what you mean now about loving yourself — I love myself at this place of “nothingness” so I can’t wait to see the love I have when I define my true identity! This morning when I did “fifteen to fulfillment” I experienced pure ecstasy and love and a high like I never felt before. I could go on and on about all the greatness I felt, but [as you know] there is no way to really explain it. So, thank you. I know that it is your job to help people, but I just want you to know that you did more than help me. You completely changed my life. I am like astounded. I can’t say thank you enough — It’s like thank you is not sufficient. With all my gratitude.” – Joanna L., Florida; Distribution Company Managing Director


“Michael; Thank you for the powerful coaching session today. I am grateful for being your client. God bless you Michael.”  – Farhad K., Japan; Life Coach, English Teacher, Entrepreneur


“Michael; Your willingness to help and guide through these days has shown your serious attitude, your dedication to results, and your compassion. It is humbling to be associated with you.” – S.C., Florida; Mortgage Loan Wholesaler


“Hi Michael…. Really great season yesterday! I applied some of your suggestions with my son, and Wow, it was the best we have felt in a long, long time. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” –  Brian V., New Jersey, Entrepreneur


“Michael Nitti is an unbelievable coach. Having him coach both my husband and myself has been a huge benefit.  His insights and methods of getting his message to really connect with those he coaches is truly impressive. He doesn’t coach from a text book, he coaches from his heart, which makes a huge difference. I really believe he has a special gift, and I am grateful to have him as a coach.  He has changed my life for the better – I wouldn’t consider coaching with anyone else.” – Dana T., Arizona; Programmer, Entrepreneur


“Michael;  Sometimes in life you reach a low point, where laughter is forgotten and you’re riddled with guilt, disappointment, and showered with fear – and suddenly optimism no longer has value. The crossroads you face are now made up of two decisions, which, oddly enough, leave you with absolutely no choice. Submit to depression and throw away everything in your life that has any special meaning or value…or humble yourself to swallow the past and face the truth – not only about yourself but what it means to be human. Michael Nitti has taught me this. His coaching has opened my eyes to what life looks like when we go to bed with hope and wake up with faith, strength, and the confidence to achieve not only what we deserve, but with the belief that we actually deserve to have it!.. Michael Nitti has stumbled upon a simple secret to uncovering the evil mask that depression and anxiety have forced me to wear and opened my eyes to the constant abundance of choices I actually have at any given moment. It feels so good to move through life at powerful speeds with a grateful mind and a passionate heart. Thank you Michael for everything! – J.A., Las Vegas, IT Specialist



“Dear Michael:  I just can’t get you off my mind since our fabulous talk on Monday. I love the way you acknowledge and visit what isn’t great in life and then, very purposefully, move on. The more thought I have given some of these less positive subjects, the more prone I’ve been to feel blue and unsure. Now, I’m starting to feel myself automatically focus on what’s right with myself and the world. I can’t say that I’m not at all troubled about (my boyfriend’s past), but what i will say is that I’m aware that there is no point going over the potential issues. They are there whether or not I ponder too long on them. I’m learning to see what was right about our meeting and leave it at that no matter how tempting it is to dissect every little “what if.” You do it so well and I am so empowered. When I look back over the past months I see that, thanks to you, I have peeled away layer upon layer of my old self. Little by little I’m exposing the authentic me that got lost through the years. What an extraordinary feeling, Michael. I knew it was there I just had absolutely no idea how to retrieve it. God bless you for this gift and may he inspire me to be productive with it as well.” – Mary O., Registered Nurse, San Diego


From Cloe Madanes, PhD…
Michael, thank you so much for coaching the two ladies I referred to you. “The first” is now a totally different person, and I am so very happy for “the second.”. I can’t thank you enough! By the way, everyone that reads your book absolutely loves it. The latest is a lady who works with us and she won’t stop talking about it. Hugs… -Cloe



___________________  TROPHY EFFECT TESTIMONIALS  ____________________


“Michael:  I’d like to offer a sincere thank you for spending the time to write such an insightful book.  In reading a lot of “Self Help” books (I believe this book to be a true SELF-Realization book), I have yet to come across one that explains the machinations of the mind in such a simple yet profound manner. I now not only understand intellectually the massive influence of social conditioning and its part in limiting ones potential, but now I have the practical steps to minimize this effect. After 37 years of being a perfectionist and relenting to social conditioning I have finally been able to step out of its grasp and begin to live “MY” life.  I AM GOOD ENOUGH!”  – Paul C., Tennis Coach


“This book is a 1000 times better than its cover. Seriously, the Trophy Effect nails why we get the things we DON’T want, why we FEEL the way we do, and how to really set your life up for happiness, love and joy! Thank you Michael for such a profound book and for sharing your wisdom on breaking the patterns our brain has us tied into. Oh Yeah, you make it easy for us to understand – versus the other psychology books that are boring and hard to understand how to apply them. I am committed to helping entrepreneurs yet there is always this allusive piece that kept them at arms length to fulfillment and now I found my #1 book recommendation to get over that hump = The Trophy Effect.”  – Ted Miller, Consultant


“Michael; to all those in your personal journey that allowed you to become who you are, and allowed me to attract you, I issue one huge, ever-expanding trophy! Now, to tell you what you’ve likely heard a thousand times…this work of yours is profoundly transformational. From one who has tried it all and unwittingly ended up in trophy cases that did not serve me, I am deeply, deeply grateful!”- Jeff L.; Real Estate Investor    


“Oh my God, Michael – This is absolute genius! I’ve been using my trophy journal and giving myself trophies left and right. It’s been just a little over a week and I’ve been having more energy and have been so much more naturally enthralled with my life that I don’t want to go to sleep – and then can’t wait to wake up! The only other time in my life when I remember feeling this good is when I was just learning to dance – and I went from basic steps to pro in just four months. In fact, the reasons I got into the self-help field in the first place were: 1) to get back the feeling I had when I first learned to dance, 2) to spread that feeling to all other areas of my life, 3) to find out what the hell happened in those 4 months and hopefully re-create it. It’s been nine years -and while certain techniques and ideas helped for brief periods of time, they all paled in relation to what I felt during that 4 month period. Now, I can honestly say that my daily experience using “The Trophy Effect” is making my dance experience pale in comparison! Having done the exercises together, my wife’s experience is pretty much the same, as she is happier and more passionate than I can remember!! Thank you Michael, forever! Cheers & trophies to you!!”Jacob M.; Musician, Producer


“Michael: I found even the first exercise to be incredibly exhilarating. I sat for well over an hour in the first session to get the “trophies” identified and they came fast and furious. I got about 125 right off the bat and then finished up to 200 in the next couple of days. What’s been so much fun is to recognize that some of those suckers are HUGE – brilliant – bearing numbers WAY beyond 10. I’m realizing LOTS of victories in my life, and many of them have to do with my children, and reinforce what a GOOD mother I am, not the bad one I felt like last week. Whenever I’m “struggling,” I simply step into that trophy room, take a good look around, stop long enough to really bask in the glorious sight in there – and then I go back to my daily activities. One of the things that it so powerful for me is that I’m very visual so walking into that good trophy room is quite a fulfilling experience – to see bright lights glimmering off those gorgeous trophies – to see rays of brilliance playing off of them! WOW! And I leave that room energized and ready for more success every time I enter it – and that’s now several times a day. I LOVE this process and am SO grateful to have learned from you. I know that this is a journey, NOT a destination, and I’m SO looking forward to the continuing saga. I feel on a more continuous basis that, like you said, I am a MAGNIFICENT CREATURE!  – Gayle D., Utah      


“I’ve read countless books and listened to even more audio and videos on understanding how to live life to the fullest – yet the Trophy Effect is probably the best I’ve ever come across. The primary reason is that is doesn’t just speak in generalities, it’s a blueprint of sorts that actually produces results! Often times I leave a book or audio without “feeling” different or being truly enlightened – yet by the time I was done with Michael’s book and complete his exercises, I can honestly say I am a different person! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about eliminating self-doubt or who wants to break free of the self-imposed ceilings they’ve created for their life…”

  • Ross (from B&N.com)


“Michael; I just bought your book as a congratulatory gift for my newbie knockout consultant who went up two rankings in one month! I told her it would change her life. 2011 my top team members & I will be coaching with you for sure! I can’t wait for our business to explode to another level as a result. You are the BEST! – thanks for changing our lives.” – Diana L., Sales Manager


“Michael:  It’s been a few weeks since The Trophy Effect and I want you to know that I’m a lot happier and grateful for even the simple things that make me happy. I’m smiling more, dancing, laughing more, not stressing, and enjoying being me (even the mundane moments, which now seem fun). I’m also present to the belief that everything works out for me and, as a result, more things are working out for me. I have realized that I truly am a wonderful and caring person.  I now feel successful and realize that I am very, very, very intelligent – and I can compete with the best of the best in the world!! I now see that I already have a researcher’s mindset and am damn good at it! I also see how my mind works through self-fulfilling prophecies so I’m not allowing my mind to give me bad trophies when I don’t perform optimally. Instead, my “Self” points out what prevented me from doing so and I remain confident that I am intelligent and have a researcher’s mindset! On top of this, I’m noticing a lot of special moments in my life that are worth recording and revisiting. All is good!” – Cristina R., PhD Candidate


“Michael; what a day it’s been so far! I woke up naturally at 7:30 this morning and took care of a bunch of to-do items – from getting my taxes done, to cancelling my old phone lines, to ending up in my studio creating exceptional music! This entire day has been a trophy extravaganza! Giving myself trophies for every little act of greatness! Lastly, I notated 20 more good trophies last night into my journal and am feeling extremely blessed to be living the life that I have. Thanks for your continued support and mentor-ship Michael, you truly are amazing! (one good trophy for you, and one for me.” – Henry N.; Entrepreneur, Musician


“Michael; I have looked back on my life and now see it in a positive light. I have forgiven (my husband) for all the awful things I feel he said to me. It is not about me. It’s about him – and his passive / aggressive personality – yet I love him and always will. I am now noticing the everyday miracles and will continue to journal them…I was trying to go to sleep last night when all of a sudden this came to me: “Have no fear, take my hand, for we shall walk together.” I got up right away and wrote it down – nothing like that has ever happened to me before. It gave me goosebumps – the good kind. I LOVE your book. It is so beautiful and so TRUE…Thank you for writing it. I love you.” – P. C.; Office Admin, Wife, Mother


“Dear Michael, I cannot tell you the profound difference in my life since (incorporating) the art of forgiveness and seeing the “positive” in my “bad” trophies and then labeling them as “good” trophies. I have gone to the gym and engaged in a full blown workout and didn’t feel any insecurities when I looked in the mirror, even though the muffin top was staring back at me. Every time I think about how I’m going to handle something, I think about my reaction and (am consciously) turning it around to a positive approach. Fascinating! I terminated an employee yesterday and actually handled it so well, I amazed myself – and even empowered the team when telling them they may have to help cover hours to take care of our customers. I truly believe I solidified our culture. So thanks for helping me see the “positive” approach.” – Kimberly A., Salon Owner


“Hi Michael; The session with you was simply amazing! It has been very eye opening to see which trophies have been kept and very liberating to dump the bad ones!!! I also find it quite interesting to see which one of the bad ones seem to be the hardest to let go of. I wish it was an over-night dumping of them, but realistically it is a process and everyday I am finding the positive things to give myself trophies for. The first few days after the call I found myself feeling almost like there was an alien in my body. It was very surreal! I didn’t see myself as a failure, yet something inside me kept telling me that there were certain areas of my life that I had “failed miserably” in, so I held those trophies up like I had won a prize and it prevented me from moving forward in areas of my life. After the call, I am happy to report that I seem to be getting the upper hand! Truly though, it was like an alien in my head that I have to work to get rid of. Again, very surreal, and so cool to recognize it. It certainly looses its power over you when you recognize it for what it is and don’t reward it with trophies!” – Leanna J. Business Analyst
“Hey Michael, just wanted to give you an update on how things are going since learning about The Trophy Effect last week. First of all, it’s an amazing, life-changing method- yet you already knew that -but it really is amazing! Just having this awareness has helped me so much, as I’m actually able to see my mind attempting to take situations and use them (as proof of something “bad”), yet now I’m able to let all of that disappear! What’s really interesting is that it has actually changed my personality -well, I can’t say “changed”, but I think it brought my natural personality out. I find myself talking with people more freely, connecting faster, feeling more calm, and actually looking for opportunities to (do good things). I find myself less fearful and actually find myself speaking up more often!  – – Overall, this new awareness is great – and is really helping me – and to think I’m just getting started!  Anyway, I’m really having a blast with this concept – so thanks for sharing it with me!” – Jeff G.; Marketer, Entrepreneur


“Michael:  I must say, your little “trophy exercise” has proven immensely profound for me. Besides my own revelation, which I doodled in my journal during the process, I realized this past weekend that I have been doing precisely what you said; giving myself trophies (all the time)! In any case, there’s no way I can thank you enough for this exercise – and can’t tell you enough how enlightening it was. In fact, it may just be the most profound epiphany I’ve ever had!”

  • Carole H., Executive Assistant


“Dear Michael;  Wow! What a day… I thought it important to share the fast and incredible transformation occurring. I wrote about 20+ trophies in my journal last night; does getting up to get the kids ready and making them sandwiches count?  I certainly included them. Today… I felt this shift / transformation occurring – and did not even let one extra pound on my scale bother me.  I am loving the person I am becoming… like the treasure chest open – blooming. Please understand my commitment and how I (intend) to master this – for I no longer wish to be a victim of my mind.” – Carina B.; Author (and mother)


“Michael; still flying high after (experiencing The Trophy Effect). Thank you!!!  It’s funny, because I’m use to waking up cranky in the morning (almost my identity; I know, sweet little me, a brat in the morning) – but I’ve had a breakthrough! I see that I’ve been cranky because I’ve been giving myself ALOT of bad trophies!!! Now, I’ve changed that and for the first time in years I’m waking up happy! It’s a miracle! This is truly a special process.” – Mandy P.; Life Coach, Author


 “How are you Mr. Wonderful Michael? These exercises are truly amazing and very powerful! I was able to focus on the smallest of activities that make up the majority of ones moments. It allowed me to focus within. It was a gift to me! I also felt that I was able to capture the Divine within. Thank you very much.” – Dr. Aleksandra D., Psy.D.   


“Hey Michael; Thanks again for the great session yesterday. I talked with my girlfriend about the Trophy Effect for about 30 minutes afterward and she was totally into it – even though I botched it quite a bit for a first try. But all is good… it’s genius man!!”  – Darryl P., Web Optimization Specialist


“The Trophy Effect rocks! This is the ultimate self-help tool and the best exercise I’ve ever seen – and I’ve seen them all! Thank you Michael, for making this simple, yet amazingly powerful process available to all those who are controlled by their (mostly unconscious) fears. Nothing can stop me now – I’m on fire! It’s an absolutely brilliant approach – and I sincerely hope that millions of people will read your book, do the simple and fun exercises, and transform their lives forever!”  -T.J.R., Marketing Company President